Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Expression ?

My friend has been complain to me because of the updating status on Facebook by me . 
It just because I update my status more than 10 status in a day . 
Is it a mistake by me to always update status ? hurm ..
My life lately gone so crazy . My emotion not stable .
 I didn't realise it , but my friends told me , they saw me like having a problem . 
I don't know either it is true or not . I get depressed when all the things I want , always can't be achieved . 
Do I ? huh .. maybe .. I hope , this blog can be my diaries . 
I do need someone to be the listener but mostly of my friends , they also their own problem , 
so I don't think I should ask their help to be the listener .
One more thing , I can't sure all my friends can stand with my problem , 
because I'm the one who create the problem , so , it serves me right to having this problem . haish =,=" 
and I know , most of the people I know doesn't interested to listen to my problem by the way I delivered it . Am I the one who always give problems to other ? hurm .. 
Lately I was confused with my presence in this world . Am I useless ? 
I think I have give too much trouble to my family and my friends . Do I think too much ? 
Somehow I have thinking , 
It much better for me to leave this world because I just causing much trouble in this world .
Ahhh ... my word just like the person who have give up . 
I don't ask you to understand my writing , but to understand me . :'( 
thanks for reading this .
I love my family and my friends .
Thanks for always be there for me .

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