Wednesday, November 2, 2011

English ?

It has been a long time since the last time I work in with this . haha my broken English . 
Just ignore it as you still understand what I want to talk about . 
Lately I'm busy with the college life which is take 2/3 of my time to spend on . 
I have no time to work in this except on Facebook . huhu 
I'm sorry my dear blog because doesn't give any attention to you anymore . 
There's a good new that I want to tell you , next month will be the starter of my last semester . 
I just can't wait to finish my study . 
My lecturer said , it's okay if we used manglish as long as the other people understand what we talking about . Do you know what is Manglish ? Manglish is the combines word of Bahasa Malay and English . hahaha
I need to practice on my English although my English is bad . huh ! 
I just want to learn from someone who are willing to teach me sincerely . heheh 
Who are here willing to teach me English ? If not , I'll volunteer myself to teach . 
Today we'll learn about singular and plural bla bla bla bla ... 
I have no skill to teach because I was born not to teach but to learned . =) 
ah.... I have no idea to talk about . 
There's nothing I can do to solve my problem , and here is the place for me to get some peaceful . 
I don't know why but I think this place much calmer for me instead of Facebook . 
Facebook just make me feel the burden of waiting someone . OMGoodness.. 
Here must have a lot of grammatical error , don't you think so ? 
urh .. I still need to learn a lot from my lecturer how to reduce the grammatical error . =.="

I have a nice song for you , hope you enjoy it . Click here if you want to hear that song .

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