Thursday, December 23, 2010

Even If You Leave Me - 2PM (Eng Translation)

Even if you leave me, 
I'll be happy if I'm able to just watch you, 
that's all I need
Even if you're in the arms of another,
I'll be happy, 
I'll be happy if you just remember, 
that's all I need
No matter where you are, don't get hurt. 
Don't skip meals because you want to diet. 
You have to smile more in front of that person, prettily.

If, by chance, you miss me, listen to this song. 
If that person hurts you,
listen to this song (no no)
If you keep missing me, 
sing this song. 
It's my last gift prepared for you. (bye bye)

If that person asks about me, just say you don't know anything.
It's okay for you too.
If I can't hold back and end up calling you at night, making you cry,
ask that person to stay by your side.

Don't look back at such a unfortunate person like me. 
You don't even have to remember me, 
it's not like I left any traces.
I never even did anything for you anyway so just turn back.
Even this feeling of longing has become a luxury so just erase me.
Live happily, please. 
Just live happily for yourself.
Forget something like me and live happily, 
live happily

I'm sorry that I can't be by your side

lagu ni seakan-akan membawa makna yang begitu besar pada aku.. haha aku suke lirik lagu ni.. lagu ni seolah-olah dibuat untuk aku.. hehe i love this song.. muahaha love 2PM!! hwaiting~~

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